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Compact Bar

By 15271351

Version: 2.4.0
Last Updated:2012-12-04 08:51:11

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Release note

1. Merge the navigation bar and favorites bar in one.
2. Minimize the address box (change to full size when mouse hover).
3. Show float status message.
4. You can toggle the avatar icon, just right click it, and select "avatar" from the shortcut menu.

updated on 2012-10-25:
1. Auto hide quick tools. Can be shown on mouse over the "wrench" button.
2. Minor adjustments.

updated on 2012-11-01:
1. Add more commonly used buttons to toolbar, see screenshot for details.
2. Add some animation effects.

updated on 2012-11-07:
When you open too many tabs, each tab will no longer shrink too small. The tab bar becomes multi-rows, click scroll button on the right side of tab bar to show other row.

updated on 2012-11-13:
Tab bar scroll behavior changed from vertical scroll to horizontal scroll, more intuitive.

updated on 2012-11-26:
1. Adjust address box position.
2. Split screen changed from vertical to horizontal.
3. Remove most animation effects
4. When favorites bar in compact mode, fav item which is not a folder will only show fav icon.

updated on 2012-12-04:
1. Add colorful tabs
  • loooping8 Version:2.4.0 2015-07-26 16:02:51 Reply

    Other skins for Maxthon 4 you will find there: and there:

  • 27654310 Version:2.4.0 2015-03-26 16:09:27 Reply

    27654310 2015-03-26 16:08:56

    reply to 27654310: <^-^>

  • 27654310 Version:2.4.0 2015-03-26 16:08:56 Reply


  • 31163682 Version:2.4.0 2015-03-26 08:08:28 Reply

    Nice job..thank you..

  • 39567 Version:2.4.0 2013-05-05 04:38:16 Reply


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