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Version: 1.1.6
Last Updated:2012-03-30 09:50:00

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  • 图片说明

Release note

Best replacement for the standard skin Modern.
[родной для меня язык - русский, прошу, если можете, коментируйте на нем]

30.03.2012 v1.1.6
Добавлена кнопка "Extensions Manager" в главном меню.

8.03.2012 v1.1.5
Обновлена боковая панель.

12.02.2012 v1.1.4
Изменены некоторыые меню, добавлено дублирование вкладки.

30.01.2012 v1.1.3
Small changes.
[Небольшие изменения.]

27.01.2012 v1.1.2
Added ability to hide the status bar.
Main Menu -> Customize UI -> Status Bar
[Добавлена возможность скрыть строку состояния]

17.01.2012 v1.1.1
Added button to search in the address bar.
[Добавлена кнопка поиска в адресную панель.]

29.12.2011 v1.1.0
Improved appearance of the skin on Windows XP, a small change.
[Улучшен вид скина в Windows XP, небольшие изменения.]
  • Allid.nxt Version:1.1.1 2012-01-27 00:29:29 Reply

    12213540 2012-01-26 19:22:35

    reply to 12213540: I'm going to call you obscene words. I understand you may be too fast, that would read the earlier posts about this. You may have read them and that's why decided to check: is it true? Then try to switch to another skin and check it out! Error switching engines - a fad made bad mistakes in the browser, but not specifically my skin! Why was it necessary to write this post twice? If you just do not understand where is the button switch-engine:

  • 12213540 Version:1.1.1 2012-01-26 19:22:35 Reply


  • 12213540 Version:1.1.1 2012-01-26 19:22:33 Reply


  • 一神天佑 Version:1.1.1 2012-01-24 21:21:38 Reply

    不错 就是 能换颜色就好了

  • nicky_99 Version:1.1.1 2012-01-20 15:30:33 Reply

    12176946 2012-01-16 17:36:57

    reply to 12176946: 可以切换内核!!!!就是地址栏左边的“小球”,点击一下就会变成IE的图标! 这款皮肤我挺喜欢的,very good !!!

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